The easy to use 4-channel Organ Bath 820MO is a flexible system for contraction/relaxation studies of isolated smooth, skeletal, or cardiac tissue.

  • System construction is robust (no glass components)
  • Small footprint making it portable. Ideal for labs with limited space or for easy sharing between researchers.
  • Simple tissue mounting, easy to operate, easy to maintain
  • Highly sensitive force transducers provide data that is accurate and reproducible

Easy-clean chambers are made of acid resistant stainless steel which prevents lipids from sticking to its surface. Systems are well suited to intensive and long term use.



Flexible, feature-rich for diverse pharmacology research

  • For a diverse range of experiments using isolated vessel rings (>500 µm) or muscle strips (<20 mm).
  • Controlled environment, tissue segments are kept in a heated and oxygenated perfusate to maintain tissue viability. Contraction and relaxation are measured using precision isometric force transducers.
  • Collects highly sensitive data from vessel rings or muscle strips (including aortic rings, trachea, veins, uterine, colon, ileum, diaphragm etc).
  • Easy to adjust force range for a wide range of experiments. The sensitive force transducer measures isometric vessel and muscle contractions.
  • Micrometers allow accurate pre-load setting.
  • Microscopic observation of tissue is easy; chambers are removable for quick transfer to a microscope.
  • Drugs and reagents can be added directly to the compact stainless steel chamber to assess function

Easy to use, time saving features

  • Fast setup and tissue mounting facilitated by open chamber design .
  • Integrated force transducer eliminates the need to change transducers every time a different tissue is mounted.
  • Integrated vacuum and gas bubbling ports.
  • Automatic chamber refilling is available as an option.

Compact, portable system saves lab space & reduces messy accidents

  • Perfect for labs with limited or multidisciplinary space. The robust systems are not bulky and fragile. They are easily moved or shared with other researchers.

  • Unlike other organ baths, it does not contain glass. It is not fragile, so there are no messy and potentially dangerous accidents involving glasss.


Automation for high throughput screening

  • Add the Automatic Buffer Filler System – 625FS for throughput screening such as drug testing or experiments requiring the separation of tissue preparations in individual baths.


Direct data streaming

  • Save data directly to your computer using LabChart Pro data analysis software by ADInstruments or use the 820MO with your preferred data acquisition system.


Reduces drug and reagent costs

  • Some drugs and reagents can be expensive or difficult to obtain. The compact chamber with a volume size of 4 – 8ml significantly reduces the quantity of compounds that are  required using traditional systems. This can provide significant cost savings.


Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Cleaning can be as easy as a few washes!

Optional Add-Ons Available

  • Current Stimulator
  • Electrodes for stimulation
  • Buffer Filler System
  • Vacuum Package
  • Gas Supply Manifold
  • Data Acquisition
  • Computer Package
  • Dissection Tool Kit
  • Dissection Microscope
  • Light Source
  • Heating Bath Circulator
  • pH Meter & Electrode
  • Service/Maintenance Contract
  • Extended Warranty

A series of 6 videos are available to help you set up, use and clean your DMT 820MO organ bath system.

  • A Quick Introduction
  • How to set up using mouse aortic rings
  • Setting Up | How to Change Mounts
  • Experimental Setup – Rings
  • Experimental Setup – Strips
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    View the 820MO Organ Bath series
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