At the heart of engagement is understanding

DMT Starter and Ultra systems are novel, easy to use systems for Pharmacology and Physiology education that engage students in the learning process.

Students learn the variation in biological systems, and the importance of timing and order of drug addition. As well as maximising learning outcomes, the systems help to nurture an enthusiasm for research.

“…it is really important that students experience the critical thinking that goes with doing an experiment, getting the data, interpreting the data and making conclusions about that data – the real life of an experimenter in the lab”

Monash University

Victoria, Australia

DMT Starter-tissue-organ-bath

Low cost, entry level, teaching system. 

DMT Ultra Tissue Organ Bath
751mT Ultra Tissue Organ Bath System

Cost effective, advanced teaching (and research) system.


Maximizes learning outcomes

Ideal for multidisciplinary labs

Easy to use, low maintenance


Compact and portable


Starter or Ultra models

Ideal for multidisciplinary science labs

The single channel systems can be used to investigate the physiology and pharmacology of smooth muscle, skeletal and cardiac muscular tissue preparations, making them ideal for multidisciplinary science labs. Typical experiments include:

  • Guinea-pig ileum (non stimulated or stimulated)
  • Rat vas deferens
  • Rat uterine smooth muscle
  • Pig coronary artery
  • Rat atria
  • Rat aorta
  • Chick biventer cervicus nerve muscle preparation

Application of the 3Rs – teaching labs also source and use tissue from local abattoirs, using cryovac storage for up to 3 months. This can also reduce lab preparation time and costs.

The wide selection of tissue mounts, stimulating electrodes and chamber sizes provide educators with flexibility. Experiments requiring stimulation can be performed either by using a data acquisition system such as ADInstruments PowerLab or digitally by using ADInstruments LabChart Pro software and external stimulators.

Easy to use, low maintenance

DMT redesigned the organ bath system using the latest technologies to provide significant time savings and address safety issues experienced by classrooms using the traditional, bulky traditional organ bath systems.

The systems remove the double-jacketed glass chambers, circulating water-heating, and high maintenance glassware removing the risk of breakages, water spillage and injury.

Educators and lab technicians appreciate consistent temperature control, easy cleaning, easy buffer removal and the useful addition of digital force output for high quality data acquisition. Students can focus on the science, rather than the equipment.

Compact for portability and easy storage

The compact footprint of the systems on laboratory benches increases flexibility of lab space, especially for multidisciplinary labs. The portability of systems allows them to be moved easily.

The Starter system can be packed and stored in the carry case supplied with each system.


A case study – Monash University

When the award-winning Pharmacology department at  Monash University started planning for their new multidisciplinary teaching labs, they chose DMT Ultra Tissue Organ Baths. Read more.


Installation, Training and Support Service

APAC Scientific offers installation, training and support service with all classroom orders. Full installation and training is supplied free of charge for orders comprising 10 or more systems.

Download Starter System Data Sheet

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