IR Mazes Track in Darkness

Ugo Basile has released an infrared range of mazes to track normal nocturnal behaviour of mice or rats, without use of visual cues. Constructed in special black “IR transparent” Perspex, the mazes appear black to visible light. This robust material is used to make the...

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Live Ventricular Volume Feedback with new ADV550

Unparalleled analysis, streamlined workflow The ADV550 Pressure-Volume Loop Measurement System by Transonic provides an unparalleled analysis of cardiovascular function in small to medium-sized animals. The system provides true ventricular volume quickly and easily...

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Free Normalization application for Wire Myograph users

Calculate optimal length/tension relationship of small arteries using DMT MyoNORM multi-platform (Win/Mac) free application. Enables direct comparison of vessel by standardizing baseline experimental conditions. Optimizes vessel response Sensitivity of the vessel to...

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