Precision systems for smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscle studies

Wire Myographs, pressure myographs, portable organ baths and muscle strip myographs.
Leading systems. Made in Denmark.


Measure the physiological function and properties of small arteries, veins and other vessels. Study of the pharmacological effects of drugs and other vasoactive compounds on the vessels under near-physiological conditions.

Each system includes a digital display for easy control. DMT’s MyoVIEW software, included with system, measures vessel wall thickness, changes in vessel and lumen diameter, intravascular pressure, and many other calculated parameters.

Pressure Pulsation Myograph 112PP

Simulate pulsations between 50 and 600BPM with a pressure difference up to 60mmHg.

Pressure Myograph System 114P 

A versatile system that can be used to investigate contractility responses, flow-mediated dilation, and pharmacological agent testing, either to the superfusate or luminal solution.

Pressure Myograph System 114PB (Blind-sac)

The compact, cost-effective system uses the blind-sac method in which the cannulated vessel is sealed at the distal end, allowing for precise measurement of vascular responses. Only one bottle is needed to drive pressure through the system Photo shows 114PB chamber and base unit. READ NEWS STORY

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DMT Pressure myograph-blindsac-114PB


Examine functional responses and vascular reactivity of isolated small vessels to agonists such as drugs or hormones. Ideal for high throughput work such as repetitive concentration-response curves.

Mount small vessels as ring preparations by threading them onto two stainless steel or tungsten wires and securing the wires to two supports. 

Multi Wire Myograph System – 620M

The popular 4-channel multi myograph system is an easy-to-use system for in vitro studies of small and large blood vessels, trachea, or gut mounted as larger ring preparations (up to 10 mm).​​​

Automated Multi Wire Myograph System – 630MA

Automates the normalization procedure for easy setting of calculations and preload tension for improved accuracy and repeatability.​ Single Wire Myograph System – 320A Ideal for studying a single vessel with a diameter of 30μm – 3mm. ​

Double Wire Myograph System – 420A

Simultaneously test two vessels independently with diameters of 30μm – 3mm. The base of the chamber contains glass windows for microscopy.

Confocal Wire Myograph System – 360CW
Provides close-up optical access to a mounted artery or tissue segment for high-resolution images of fluorescent dyes or markers by laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM).

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DMT Wire Myograph
DMT Confocal Wire Myograph


The easy to use 4-channel Organ Bath 820MO is a flexible system for contraction/relaxation studies of isolated smooth, skeletal, or cardiac tissue.

  • System construction is robust (no glass components)
  • Small footprint making it portable. Ideal for labs with limited space or for easy sharing between researchers.
  • Simple tissue mounting, easy to operate, easy to maintain
  • Highly sensitive force transducers provide data that is accurate and reproducible

Easy-clean chambers are made of acid resistant stainless steel which prevents lipids from sticking to its surface. Systems are well suited to intensive and long term use.

See how the systems compare with traditional organ baths.

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DMT’s newest line of myograph systems measures the myo-mechanical properties of strips of solid muscle. The tissue is held by clamps that can be custom made to meet customer needs. Inherent to striated muscle is the need for reliable electrical current stimulation. The DMT stimulators are designed to provide this reliable current source.

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DMT myographs and organ bath systems give students access to real experiments, that can extend basic knowlege to conceptual understanding.

The DMT organ bath systems designed for education are compact and easy to use.

The innovative, easy to use systems are boosting learning outcomes by engaging science students as they learn about pharmacological and physiological concepts.

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DMT Starter Organ Bath System