Advanced systems for studying smooth, skeletal and CARDIAC muscle


The DMT modernized multi channel organ bath systems enhance the classic design by providing extensive automation, programmable washing routines, integrated data acquisition and GLP capability. These features help to increase work throughout and reproducibility, so laboratory personnel can focus on their research rather than arbitrary tasks such as washing glassware.

The DMT 751mT mini Tissue Organ Bath system is used in research and education for contractile force measurements (isometric or isotonic). Whether the experiment involves cardiac, skeletal or smooth muscle, the availability of a range of tissue holders and chambers make it a versatile laboratory tool.

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DMT wire myographs enable the examination of functional responses and vascular reactivity of isolated small vessels to agonists such as hormones. Their unique stainless steel supports or ‘jaws’ accommodate tubular preparations with internal diameters ranging from 30 μm up to 10 mm.

The Multi Wire Myograph System automates normalization procedure so that calculations and preload tension are easily set. It is deal for high throughput work such as repetitive concentration-response curves.

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DMT’s newest and quickly expanding line of myograph systems is aimed at measuring the myo-mechanical properties of strips of solid muscle arterioles. The systems enable the study of the pharmacological effects of drugs and other vasoactive compounds on small isolated vessels under near-physiological conditions.

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The Culture Myograph System – 202CM is designed to provide long-term functional preservation of small blood vessels by maintaining them under controlled culture conditions of intravascular pressure and flow. By using a closed, sterile system and standard culture methodology, vessels can be studied for several days.

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DMT’s newest line of myograph systems measures the myo-mechanical properties of strips of solid muscle. The tissue is held by clamps that can be custom made to meet customer needs. Inherent to striated muscle is the need for reliable electrical current stimulation. The DMT stimulators are designed to provide this reliable current source.

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The DMT MyoHEART System is a state-of-the-art Langendorff system for isolated perfused heart studies using small rodents. DMT has used cutting edge technology to create a compact unit with touch-screen controls.

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