Welcome to a streamlined approach for your vascular experiments.

The 114PN DMT Pressure Myograph System is specifically designed for researchers who wish to conduct flow and static pressure experiments without the need for longitudinal force measurements.

This provides a cost effective solution for investigations of small isolated arteries, veins, and vessels under near-physiological conditions.


Comprehensive Transmural Insights

The set up is ideal for studying the effects of pharmacological agents and vasoactive compounds. Researchers can unlock valuable data and insights about various transmural pressures including:

  • Vessel wall thickness (left, right, average)
  • Changes in vessel and lumen diameter (inner, outer)
  • Intravascular pressure (vessel, lumen, cross sectional)
  • Intrinsic responses (myogenic)
  • Shear stress
  • Vascular resistance
  • Flow (optional)

The 114PN system is economical because it omits the inclusion of the force transducer and related components. This cost-effective design allows researchers to focus on transmural pressure experiments, offering a practical solution for investigating vascular responses.

    Integrated features save time and reduce ongoing costs

    • Embrace a hassle-free experience with a built-in heating system, ensuring optimal chamber temperature without the need for continuous, expensive superfusion.
    • The thoughtfully designed chamber cover features multiple ports allowing rapid draining and filling, cumulative addition of drugs and oxygenation as well as superfusion if required.
    • To facilitate cleaning and prevent lipids from sticking, the chamber is made of hygenic, acid-resistant stainless steel.

    Seamless experiment process

    The experiment process is seamless: secure a small, intact artery or vein segment onto two glass cannulas, and let the DMT system apply a suitable transmural pressure.

    Direct data streaming to MyoVIEW LiveTracking

    MyoView Sofrware 114PN

    MyoView Sofrware 114PN[/caption]DMT’s Pressure Myograph software, MyoVIEW lets you easily monitor vessel wall thickness, changes in vessel and lumen diameter, intravascular pressure, and a wide array of calculated parameters such as shear stress and vascular resistance. These are capabilities that help to set DMT pressure or perfusion myography apart from standard organ bath techniques.

    Extend versatility with DMT FlowMeter

    If you require extra versatility, consider adding the DMT FlowMeter – 162FM. Designed for the Pressure Myograph, it provides the ability to measure flow between 15-4000μl/min, providing an edge in comprehending the dynamics of experiments.

    Options to Complete Your System

    • Current Stimulator
    • Electrodes for stimulation
    • Vacuum Package
    • Gas Supply Manifold
    • Data Acquisition
    • Computer Package
    • Dissection Tool Kit
    • Dissection Microscope
    • Light Source
    • Heating Bath Circulator
    • pH Meter & Electrode
    • Service/Maintenance Contract
    • Extended Warranty

    Tell us about your research and we will put together a system to suit you.