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Tissue vitality monitoring

Easy to use Oxylite™ and Oxylite™ Pro tissue p02 and in vitro dissolved oxygen monitors are the gold standard for biomedical hypoxia and ischaemia research. Third-generation opto-electronics provide unmatched sensitivity, stability and accuracy in the physiologically relevant pO2 range (0 – 200 mmHg) and under conditions of hypoxia (0 – 15 mmHg).

 Applications include cancer biology, angiogenesis, stroke and brain injury, vital organ and muscle tissue monitoring, flap monitoring, ophthalmology, wound healing, as well as dissolved oxygen monitoring in cell culture, bioreactors etc.

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Oxyflo™, OxyFlo™ Pro and OxyFlo™ Pro XL are laser Doppler tissue flow monitors providing continuous, real-time tissue perfusion assessment. A range of probe types and probe formats provide support for both invasive or non-invasive tissue blood flow assessment.

Applications typically monitor the competence of microvascular blood supply in specialties such as peripheral vascular disorders, cerebral perfusion in models of stroke and brain injury, tumour perfusion, angiogenesis, blood flow in free flaps and pedicle flaps, wound healing, surgery, transplantation and more.

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OxyLite and OxyFlo

Combined systems – OxyLite and OxyFlo are stacked systems enabling the measurement of tissue oxygen, laser-Doppler blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region.

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Automated cell colony counting

GelCount is the leading colony and spheroid counter for cancer biologists.

The integrated, all-in-one solution for imaging, counting and characterizing colonies is fast and easy-to-use with huge throughput advantages. The software-operated colony counter automates the detection, counting and analysis of mammalian cell colonies in Petri dishes, flasks and multi-well plates. Numerical data are automatically exported to Excel and images can be saved in chosen formats for re-processing, archives and reports.

Applications include drug discovery, radiobiology or toxicology research. The automated colony counting opens the way for large-scale combinational studies.


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Analysis of cell metabolism and function

HypoxyLab delivers a powerful new solution to research and industry looking to accurately reproduce representative physiological conditions in cell-based research. The compact workstation and incubator accurately maintains hypoxic oxygen conditions by uniquely using the absolute partial pressure of oxygen to regulate its environment. The scientifically rigorous approach eliminates significant errors that would otherwise arise from changes in atmospheric pressure and altitude, unlike other systems that simply express hypoxia in terms of % oxygen only. Hypoxylab is simple to operate and maintain as well as economical to run.

Research applications for HypoxyLab™ include cancer biology, cardiovascular, neurology, stem cells, drug development, apoptosis and poteomics.

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