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Tissue vitality monitoring

The Oxylite™ series of dissolved oxygen (p02) and temperature monitors for in vivo and in vitro applications enable:

  • Fully ‘plug and play’; no calibration procedures, no sensor drift making them the world’s easiest-to-use dissolved oxygen monitors
  • Single, 2 or 4-channel monitors
  • Enhanced features including touch screen on 2 or 4-channel monitors

The OxyLite™ oxygen monitors are ideal for directly and continuously measuring dissolved oxygen in the normal physiological as well as hypoxic ranges, both in experimental in vivo models, or in vitro applications.

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Laser Doppler Tissue Flow Monitor

The OxyFlo series of Laser Doppler tissue flow monitors provide continuous, real-time tissue perfusion assessment. A range of probe types and probe formats provide support for both invasive or non-invasive tissue blood flow assessment.

Applications typically monitor the competence of microvascular blood supply in specialties such as peripheral vascular disorders, cerebral perfusion in models of stroke and brain injury, tumour perfusion, angiogenesis, blood flow in free flaps and pedicle flaps, wound healing, surgery, transplantation and more.

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Combined Systems

Combined systems – OxyLite and OxyFlo are stacked systems enabling the measurement of tissue oxygen, laser-Doppler blood flow and temperature simultaneously from the same tissue micro-region.

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OxyLite and OxyPro
OxyLite and OxyPro one channel

Automated cell colony counting

GelCount is the leading colony and spheroid counter for cancer biologists.

The integrated, all-in-one solution for imaging, counting and characterizing colonies is fast and easy-to-use with huge throughput advantages. The software-operated colony counter automates the detection, counting and analysis of mammalian cell colonies in Petri dishes, flasks and multi-well plates. Numerical data are automatically exported to Excel and images can be saved in chosen formats for re-processing, archives and reports.

Applications include drug discovery, radiobiology or toxicology research. The automated colony counting opens the way for large-scale combinational studies.


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The unique HypoxyLab™ by Oxford Optonix is a new generation workstation and incubator that enables precisely controlled levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity within a highly stabilized HEPA-filtered clean environment.

Providing precise, reproducible and physiologically relevant cell environments, the system provides conditions and data that are increasingly considered as vital for an accurate analysis of cellular processes with respect to function and metabolism. The fast growing user base includes cancer, stem cell, human virology researchers as well as multidisciplinary teams in drug development and proteomics.

Highest level of accuracy

  • Better reproducibility. Regulated using oxygen partial pressure for true hypoxia, HypoxyLab enables researchers to provide cells with consistent amounts (and percentages) of oxygen in any location at any time, irrespective of altitude or barometric pressure.
  • Physiologically relevant Mimics the in vivo oxygen environment of cells.

efficient and easy to use

  • Fully featured with touch-screen controls. Complete, easy control including O2, CO2, temperature, and humidity. Real-time data is displayed in both digital and graphical format with easy transfer to other devices for further analysis.
  • Fast set up. Rapid equilibration in a matter of minutes allows easy sharing between groups.
  • Easy entry for quick transfer. Ergonomic design includes simple front entry hatch as an easier alternative to air lock systems for quick, convenient transfer of cells, culture-ware and media.

Compact and portable

  • Compact, benchtop design. Suits labs with limited space or portable use on trolley.
  • Spacious interior. 48% larger in 2021 release compared to the previous model.

Low cost of ownership

  • Frugal gas consumption. Provides significant cost savings.
  • Service free sensors, user changeable HEPA filter.

Time-saving cleaning

  • HEPA filtration is standard. Fast air cycle through filter at startup is less than 30 seconds.
  • Ultrasound nebulizer for internal humidification. No need to add pan of water and potential source of contamination.
  • Simple cleaning protocols. Includes easy removal of cover.

Easy add-on solutions

  • OxyLite™  in situ dissolved oxygen measurements. OxyLite measures oxygen level in the media. These can be different from the atmospheric conditions as diffusion between air and media takes some time.
  • CytoSMART Lux2 microscope for imaging cells without removal. Provides real time imaging and analysis. Enables tracking of kinetic cell activity such as confluence or scratch assays.

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Bedside bleed-air 02 monitor for mechanical CPAP devices (COVID-19 SOLUTION)

Flo-Ox™ is a portable, pole-mountable, bedside oxygen monitor oxygen concentration monitor for mechanical CPAP devices. The monitor was developed in response to an emergency COVID-19 call by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and features:

  • Continuous display of % oxygen
  • Min/Max alarm function
  • Touch-screen display
  • Fully factory pre-calibrated
  • No set up required

Flo-Ox™ was awarded a temporary waiver by the UK MHRA for patient use for the treatment of COVID-19. Full CE marking to be sought in the near future.

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Oxford Optronix Flo-Ox

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