HypoxyLab, but better!

Oxford Optronix has launched HypoxyLab Gen 3, a next-generation system set to elevate their advanced, popular benchtop hypoxia workstation, offering unparalleled user-friendliness, cost efficiency, and reducing lifetime costs for laboratories, and expanding the range of studies possible.

With these enhancements, the HypoxyLab Gen 3 further sets itself apart as the ultimate solution for precision work under controlled oxygen conditions.

  • Say goodbye to excessive nitrogen consumption!: Reduced nitrogen consumption during steady-state operations maintains HypoxyLab’s industry-leading gas consumption and cost of ownership advantage.
  • Precise Control of parameters:  Ultra-smooth transitions to setpoint for all four control parameters (oxygen, CO2, temperature, and relative humidity), with no overshoot.
  • Improved User Interface:  Accessing and managing experiments has never been easier.
  • Expand Your Range of Studies: New cable through-ports in support of powered devices deployed within the HypoxyLab, such as digital microscopes, shakers, or micro-centrifuges, expanding the versatility of your research setup.
  • Rapid System Start-Up: Enjoy even faster start-up and launch times, saving valuable time and accelerating your research process.
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