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Next level, low flow anesthesia system 

SomnoSuite is an all-in-one digital anesthesia system delivering precision dosing of gases for better animal outcomes, increased lab safety, cost savings and increased productivity

Safety for experimenters and rodents
Provides precision low flow rates of gas for safe, effective anesthesia induction of mice and rats.

Features precision syringe pump and digital vaporizer. There are no excessive doses, as administered by traditional “human-sized” vaporiser systems.

Typically supplies less than 1mL of isoflurane per hour. Lab exposure to volatile anesthesia gases can be virtually eliminated.

Better animal outcomes
Includes a far infrared warming pad to keep animals warm and safe during procedures. Modules monitor temperature and provide homeothermic control. 3 optional Modules extend capabilities: automatic ventilator, pulse oximeter and end-tidal CO2.

Efficiencies and savings
* Easy to use
* A small footprint saves lab space.
* Reduction of anesthesia gases provides huge potential savings
* The convenient option to use room air instead of oxygen, provides additional savings
* Requires no regular calibration or recertification, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency

Better animal outcomes

Prioritises personnel safety

Easy to use, low maintenance


Compact and portable

Cost savings

Gas waste exposure

During a typical 30-minute procedure at a gas concentration of 2.5% isoflurane, SomnoSuite uses less than .3 mL of isoflurane! The system anesthetizes up to 2 mice simultaneously. In contrast, tradtional “human-sized” vaporizers waste far more anesthetic gas than is actually needed in a given procedure. Learn more

All-in-one compact system 

Portable and compact, the comprehensive SomnoSuite anesthesia system integrates multiple components and functions including:

  • Precision syringe pump
  • Digital vaporizer
  • Air compressor with 2 modes – Compressed Air (for room air) or Internal Pump (for oxygen)
  • Far Infrared warming pad – safely and efficiently keeps animals warm
  • Temperature monitoring and homeothermic control using the RightTemp® module
  • Intuitive touchscreen for easy control
  • Real time data uploading to your PC for recording and analysis
  • Also supplied separately: anti-spill, anti-vapor bottle top adapter, WAG canister and holder

Add extra functions without changing the small footprint

Simply add Modules to add ventilation, pulse, heart rate and respiratory functions to your SomnoSuite.

  • Automatic Ventilator RoVent® Module ­– automatically sets the respiratory rate and tidal volume based on animal weight
  • Pulse Oximeter and Rat and Mouse Heart Rate Monitor MouseSTAT® Module ­– quickly and accurately measures the heart rate and pulse of mice and rats
  • End-Tidal CO2Monitor – CapnoScan® Module provides real-time capnography and sidestream sampling
Quick Product Comparison
Kent anesthesia table

ChoosING the right system

Three next level anesthesia systems are available from Kent Scientific:

SomnoSuite is suited to mice and small rats. Anesthesia delivery is via a glass syringe. Animal physiological well-being can be closely tracked.

SomnoFlo delivers anesthesia directly from the bottle. It is suited to mice, rats and other small animals.

Vetflo is based on more traditional designs. It is offers safe, and effective delivery of inhalant anesthesia for mice and rats.

As shown in the table above, key differences include flow rate, operation modes, filling and delivery, calibration and Modules.

A typical SomnoSuite set up
Somno Mouse Kit


A wide range of induction chambers, anesthesia masks, anesthesia starter kits, and syringes are available. Please contact us for further information or a recommended system to suit your needs.


Mouse Kit (pictured) includes:

  • (2) 5mL syringes
  • Low profile anesthesia mask set, small with 18″ inspiration/expiration tubing and connectors
  • 0.5L sliding top induction chamber with 32″ inlet/outlet tubing and connectors
  • 2-pack of waste anesthesia gas canisters

Rat Kit includes:

  • (2) 10mL glass syringes
  • 1 low-profile anesthesia mask set, medium, for rats up to 100 g, with 18″ inspiration/expiration tubing and connectors
  • 1 low-profile anesthesia mask set, large, for rats up to 300 g, with 18″ inspiration/expiration tubing and connectors
  • 3L sliding top induction chamber, 4 1/4 in W x 4 5/8 in H x 9 1/4 in D (10.8 cm W x 11.7 cm H x 23.5 cm D) with 32″ inlet/outlet tubing and connectors
  • 2-pack of waste anesthesia gas canisters

Anesthesia Background Information

Anesthesia causes a controllable and reversible loss of consciousness that is induced by chemical intoxication of the central nervous system. Characteristic features of the anesthetic state include lowered sensitivity to outside stimuli (including pain), relaxation, and diminished motor response.

Inhalant Anesthetics

SomnoSuite has a safe delivery and scavenging system. Users can use isoflurane or sevoflurane, the commonly used inhalant anesthetics for mice and rats. These are popular due to their rapid onset and offset with minimal side effects.

Isoflurane: (Forane, 1-chloro-2,2,2-trifluoroethyldifluoromethyl ether) Halogenated ether that is clear, colorless, volatile liquid at standard temperature and pressure. It has a mild, ether-like odor and a molecular weight of 184.5.

Sevoflurane: (2,2,2-trifluoro-1-(trifluoromethyl) ethyl ether) Halogenated ether that is a sweet smelling, non-flammable fully fluorinated methyl isopropyl ether and has a molecular weight of 200.

Anesthesia and Hypothermia

Animals under anesthesia are at increased risk of hypothermia. Core body heat redistributes to the skin surface through anesthetic-induced vasodilation and depression of hypothalamic thermoregulatory centres. Failure to properly regulate temperature can cause the animal harm, and often determine the success or failure of a procedure. As well as enabling physiological monitoring, SomnoSuite includes an infrared heating pad to provide an effective and safe method of keeping animal body temperatures regulated.

Installation, Training and Support Service

There is a suite of training videos for Kent Scientific products. APAC Scientific also offers an installation, training and support service.

Download SomnoSuite User Guide

Next Steps

Our product specialists are here to help decide the best set up for your lab. Please contact us.