BSI has deployed a new global release of enos lab animal management software, Version, providing new time-saving efficiencies for lab animal facilities including new automation and customisation features:
  • The new autofill feature for cages inside racks saves even more time when used with the recently announced integration with Tecniplast DVC, eliminating manual data entry
  • The customisable ID generators provide consistent IDs with an auto-increment for unique labels
The new version includes functionality enhancements for cages, locations, labels, stocks, instruments, cage properties and activities. Some of these features include:
  • Selection of colour for labels, lines, teams etc
  • Visualisation of calculated properties
  • Edit and export forms extended to all domains
  • Move racks between locations using an activity
  • Suppression of locations (and offspring) if they have not been used
  • New ways of presenting data using design tools
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Provision of a generic ID property for displaying the preferred ID (instead of the Unique ID)
Please contact us for an onsite or webinar demonstration.