BSI and Tecniplast are pleased to announce the successful integration of enos software from BSI with Tecniplast DVC® system.

Thanks to this integration, all animal information registered by enos are automatically transferred to DVC® and any cage movement recorded by DVC® is sent back to enos. Animal facilities can benefit from real-time cage monitoring avoiding duplicate data entries and ensuring information synchronization, improving task management workflow by speeding up common processes.

“This latest collaboration further streamlines enos for its users, eliminating manual data entry. The synchronization starts with a cage preparation in the Tecniplast Changing Station by assigning enos Cage ID to the cage using enos labels. Animal IDs along with their information are then propagated to the DVC®. Starting from here any cage movements tracked by the DVC® or any alarm raised for a cage, is reported to enos, this resulting in a real-time view of the rack from both DVC® user interface and enos.”, said Franck Decant, the Product Manager of enos.

Pierre-Yves Blanchet, CEO and President of BSI added “Our development department is working to make enos a very open platform which directly links with multiple products such as scales, probes, calipers, microchip readers and complementary software, all of which are devices and solution largely used by the international research community. We are collaborating with industry leaders around the world to make enos part of the most efficient scientific community solutions cluster. We are excited to add another time and cost saving solution to our software enos, with this new DVC® – Tecniplast interface. It was a pleasure to work with Giorgio’s team just on the other side of Mont Blanc in BUGUGGIATE. We strongly believe that this strategy will reinforce our international growth in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific and help us to establish BSI as a leading global software player”

Giorgio Rosati, Digilab Market Manager, stated “This is another important milestone added to the DVC® compatibility. Thanks to the great work done with the enos team, we were able to validate the integration, and clients all over the world can now benefit from DVC® and enos complimentary systems!”