Preventative maintenance and calibration

We offer maitenance services and plans that can further extend operational lifespans for a range of products by European and US companies:

  • DMT
  • Oxford Optronix
  • Ugo Basile  
  • CWE

All products are very high quality with long life spans, making maintenance a great investment. Products are designed and manufactured in Europe and the US.

We will organise the return of individual systems to APAC Scientific. We can service multiple systems onsite. Please contact us for details.


Products using infared technology require a calibration service to ensure measurement accuracy, such as Ugo Basile’s Tail Flick and Plantar Test. We offer calibration equipment. If you prefer, we can do the calibration for you at a cost effective price.


OxyLite, OxyFlo and GelCount

Preventative maintenance is included in extended warranty packages that provide up to 6 years ‘peace of mind’.



Tail Flick and Plantar Test

Calibration of Infrared capabilities can be easily performed using the IR Heat-Flux Radiometer – available to buy, or simply let us calibrate devices for you.


CWE logo

CapStar and MicroCapStar

User manuals provide calibration instructions. Videos available for CapStar and MicroCapStar calibration.

Extended Warranties

In addition extended warranties are available for selected products that can provide up to 6 years extended cover. Please contact us for details.