The compact, cost effective and popular Dual-Channel Wire Myograph System (Model 420A) has been updated and reintroduced to the DMT range.  The system for examining vascular reactivity and functional responses on small isolated arteries allows simultaneous or independent testing of two vessels.  Vessel diameter can be from 30μm to 3mm in a single acid-resistant stainless steel chamber.

The easy to use system also offers integrated heat control, easy calibration and intuitive touch-screen controls.

Ideal for Comparative Vessel Studies under Identical Conditions

The chamber allows vessels to be studied in two different ways:

  • Simultaneous testing of two vessels in the single chamber using a divider
  • Independent testing of vessels (with divider removed)

The dual chamber allows vessels to be directly and accurately compared because they can be exposed to identical concentrations of drugs or compounds. It is ideally suited to studies such as treated vs. untreated conditions or diseased vs. healthy vessel samples. It becomes possible to examine whether a given pathological state is associated with altered morphology or reactivity.

Glass Base for Microscopy

The base of the chamber contains glass windows allowing morphological observations or fluorescence measurements using an inverted microscope.

The Experiment Procedure

Vessels are mounted as ring preparations by threading them over two parallel wires and securing the wires to two supports or “jaws.” One support is attached to a precision micrometer, allowing manual control of vessel circumference and stretch. The other support is attached to a force transducer for the measurement of force/tension.

Typically, the preparation is kept in the heated vessel chamber in a physiological salt solution at 37°C, bubbled with oxygen where the vessels remain viable for at least 12 hours.

The preparation is mounted in a heated 10 ml robust chamber, which can be covered with a lid with ports for rapid suction/draining, refilling, and bubbling of oxygen supply. Following mounting and equilibration, the passive length-tension relationship of the vessel is determined. During the actual experiment, the circumference of the vessel is kept constant. Compounds can be added directly to the chamber, and the vessel’s contractility and reactivity are measured under isometric conditions.

Optional Valve for Easy Drainage

An electronic valve can be added to the system for easy control and emptying of the chamber.

Easy Data Acquisition

The Myograph is compatible with the DMT Device Enabler allowing automatic recognition by LabChart data acquisition and analysis software, use of multiple Myograph devices simultaneously, and real time data recording.

System Highlights

  • Direct data streaming plus analog outputs
  •  Integrated heat control
  •  Integrated calibration procedure
  •  ​Intuitive touch-screen menus
  •  Compact design / small footprintDMT dual wire myograph

Chamber Highlights

  • ​Ring-mounted segments – 30µm to 3mm
  • Fine scale micrometer for accurate tension control
  • Force range ±200mN
  • Acid resistant stainless steel chamber
  • Optical base window for imaging420a-wire-myograph chamber