Mazes by Ugo Basile are cited more frequently than any other brand.

With more than 50 years of expertise, Ugo Basile mazes are made for research success. Research success is the #1 priority

1. OPTIMISED FOR VIDEO TRACKING Better playback and easier analysis with high contrast colours, non reflective and anti-glare surfaces.

2. OPTIMISED FOR ANIMAL COMFORT Slip resistant texture (no skidding) and naturally warm surface for easy movement.

3. CUSTOMISABLE Can be adapted to suit your research goals: larger, smaller, higher, shorter, different colors. We will turn your plans into real mazes.

4. MADE IN EUROPE Everything you expect from European design and manufacture: high quality, non-toxic, robust materials. Mazes are easy to construct, easy to clean and easy to disassemble for storage.

5. FOCUS ON R&D Measurements, materials and colors have been carefully selected during more than 50 years of focused expertise. There is continuous improvement and innovation to suit emerging customer requirements.


  • Agora Maze  (SocioBox method)
  • ANY-maze tracking software
  • Atlantis Platforms for Morris Water Maze – remote controlled
  • Barnes Maze – spatial memory
  • Circular Pools for Morris Water Maze Test
  • Elevated Plus Maze (EPM) for Rats/Mice
  • Elevated Zero-Maze (EZM) for Rats/Mice 
  • Forced Swim Test with Water Wheel
  • Light/Dark Box & Open Field
  • Multi-Maze, fully automated modular (shown below)
  • Open Field Cages for mice/rats
  • Sociability Apparatus (3-chambered social test) – mouse or rat
  • T-Maze for Rats or Mice, optimised for Videotracking
  • Y-Maze for Rats or Mice, optimised for Videotracking 
open field cage
open field cage