The compact HypoxyLab™ hypoxia workstation and incubator is creating a new standard in accuracy for cell culturing studies. Customers have asked for even more, specifically more space in the same bench top footprint. Taking inspiration from the TARDIS, Oxford Optronix has delivered.

Externally the new HypoxyLab release looks the same. It is uniquely compact and ergonomically shaped for limited spaces and/or trolley use for easy sharing. Internally the working volume has been increased by almost 50%. There been a complete redesign of the turret/shelf structure that houses the gas distribution system, temperature regulation, sensors and HEPA filter. This is coupled with improved sample evaporation characteristics, easy HEPA filter serviceability, ergonomic shelving and a markedly reduced noise footprint.

HypoxyLab customer Prof. Oliver from Martin-Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, said recently “The new design offers so much more space for the experiments in the chamber. Even larger measurement devices can [now] be used inside. I was impressed by how fast the chamber reaches new atmospheric compositions, which allows for more rapid oxygenation profiles.”

The HypoxyLab™ is a bench-top hypoxia workstation for cell biologists that require an ability to mimic the true in vivo oxygen state during cell culture.

The enhanced model is available for immediate shipping.