The new Incapacitance Tester by Ugo Basile adds speed and accuracy to weight distribution measurements in injured mice and rats. The advanced instrument automatically compares and records differences in hind paw weight bearing for the assessment of spontaneous pain. Operator selection bias is reduced and researchers can visually monitor trends in real time.

Typical pain and Inflammation applications

Research areas include Osteoarthritis, Bone Cancer, Nerve Injury and Post-operative Pain.

Features for efficiency and accuracy

● Automation of the measurement process using Autostart, a unique feature that identifies immobility windows to optimise test repeatability and save operator time. Manual hands free mode using foot switch is also available.

Quick, seamless management of settings and data using large color touch screen

Visualization of test data as histograms, showing left/right weight and scatter charts displaying trend data

  Easy transfer of data to spreadsheets using supplied USB key.  Recorded parameters include average paw weight, Standard Deviation, Left/Right ratio and more. Data is saved in universal .csv format for spreadsheets including Microsoft Excel.

Quick calibration of high quality force sensors (0.1g resolution) using the reference weight supplied. There are no screws or protruding parts that can cause interference with the rodents and possibly compromise experiment results. 

Fast cleaning of foot pads within seconds because they are conveniently attached magnetically for easy removal

Ugo Basile is a global leader in pain research offering a wide range of classic and novel devices:

  • Plethysmometer
  • Analgesy-Meter
  • Plantar Test
  • Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer
  • Hot/Cold Plate
  • Orofacial Stimulation Test
  • Thermal Gradient Ring (Zimmermann’s method) 
  • Thermal Place Preference 
  • Tail Flick Ng

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