The latest release of powerful MyoVIEW 5 provides easy, flexible live diameter tracking of perfused arteries for DMT Pressure Myograph systems. Wall structure, wall stress, strain, and myogenic tone are measured, and responses to increases in pressure, flow, and drugs are evaluated regarding vascular diameter changes.

New time-saving features include easier tracking, more analysis options and a customisable layout for efficiency gains and increased flexibility.



  • Enhanced edge-detection and tracking algorithm. Makes automatic tracking even easier.
  • Increased number of zones. Automatic edge detection for up to four user-defined zones on the vessel. MyoVIEW averages the lumen measurements for reliable results. 
  • Manual Tracking Option. Useful if an artery has connection tissues or to compensate for insufficient cleaning/trimming.


  • Custom Traces. Advanced users can develop scripts to create user-defined traces, such as strain.
  • More export options.  Slope, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, and Number of Data Points can be transferred for further analysis in spreadsheets etc
  • Event markers. Add events to highlight experiment conditions. The list of markers is clickable and takes the cursor to the relevant position on the trace.


  • Layouts for you and the team. Set up and save layouts that cater for different experimental protocols and your own preferences. 

Numerous Measurements

  • Left wall thickness
  • Right wall thickness
  • Average wall thickness
  • Outer diameter
  • Inner diameter
  • Vessel area
  • Lumen area
  • Cross sectional area
  • Media/lumen Ratio
  • Shear stress (optional)
  • Inlet pressure
  • Outlet pressure
  • Mean pressure
  • Flow (optional)
  • Vascular resistance
  • Temperature Force

Feature Highlights

  • Live detection
  • Multiple zones for edge detection
  • Multiple scanlines for
    accurate measurements
  • Event markers and tracking
  • Calculated traces
  • Customisable layouts for different experimental protocols
  • High resolution video for optimised analysis and much more…


MyoVIEW also features a simplified interface for fast workflow; higher video resolution for optimised re-analyzing; auto range option so that the Y-axis continuously adjusts to the recorded value and added functions for replaying videos.

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