APAC Scientific is offering training courses to provide researchers with the right skills and knowledge to advance your research and work more effectively with DMT Wire and Pressure Myographs. Learn the skills to transform and extend your pharmacology research.

Enrol for an introductory or advanced course. The vast experience of our trainer, Simon Potocnik, enables courses to be tailored for individual requirements. You will learn expert tips, short cuts and any aspects of set up and usage of the myographs required to enhance your research.

About our DMT Expert Trainer, Simon Potocnik

Simon Potocnik’s senior research experience includes 30+ years using myographs at prestigious universities and hospitals, both in Australia and the UK. His most recent appointment was at RMIT University. We are pleased to lure him out of his recent retirement to share his incredible knowledge.

Development of myograph expertise 

1988 St Mary’s Hospital , London, Department of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, met John Pedersen (DMT founder) and discovered the DMT wire myograph. Used samples of human and rat arterioles in research studies.
1991 Austin hospital, University of Melbourne, Departments of Cardiac Surgery and Medicine. Established a myograph laboratory and commenced studies on arterioles from liver transplant patients and rats, relating to the effects of cyclosporine.
1997 – 2017 RMIT University, Microvascular Biology Group, Department of Anatomy and Physiology. Studies on the myogenic properties of skeletal muscle arterioles using pressure myography. Predominantly rat cremaster muscle arterioles. Also wire myography investigating properties of cerebral, basilar, muscle, mesenteric arteries and aorta from rats and mice.

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