Perfect Pair in a Cost-Effective Package

Ugo Basile’s RotaRod and Grip Strength Meter for use with rodents, are now available together in a cost-saving package.

Comprehensive Assessment for a Holistic Understanding

This popular combination provides a comprehensive evaluation of an animal’s motor performance. By combining Rotarod studies, which focus on motor function, coordination, and balance, with Grip Strength Meter studies that delve into muscle strength and limb function, researchers can gain a holistic understanding of an animal’s motor capabilities.

Our new cost effecitve package provides a win-win solution for researchers seeking to unlock the secrets of motor function and neuromuscular performance

Phenotyping Made Easy

By using both Rotarods and Grip Strength Meters, researchers can achieve a more comprehensive phenotype, making it easier to categorize and understand the unique traits and characteristics of animal models.


Suits Wide Range of Applications

This versatile combination serves a wide array of research areas including:

    • Neurodegenerative Disease Research: Investigating the progression of diseases like Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, and muscular dystrophy.
    • Pharmaceutical Testing: Evaluating the impact of new drugs and therapies on motor function.
    • Gene Therapy: Assessing the effects of genetic modifications on motor coordination.
    • Aging: Unraveling the mysteries of age-related changes in motor function.
      Cognitive Research: Exploring the intriguing connection between motor abilities and cognitive functions.
    • Pain Assessment: Indirectly assessing pain perception by observing changes in performance.
    • Injury Protection: Evaluating the impact of therapeutic treatments on preserving or enhancing motor coordination.
    • Circadian Rhythms: Investigating the influence of circadian rhythms on motor function and neuromuscular performance.


The Ugo Basile advanced RotaRod model is a reliable, highly-cited tool for assessing motor coordination in mice and rats. It offers an incredible range of speeds from as slow as 3 RPM or as high as 80 RPM. Its rod can rotate at constant, accelerating, rocking (back and forth) or through complex acceleration/deceleration ramps.

The easy-to-use device has touchscreen controls, advanced software, and can record data for up to 5 mice or 4 rats simultaneously.

Additionally, it offers quiet operation, and easy cleaning, making it a the leading choice for researchers.


Grip Strength Meter

Determines the maximum force displayed by an animal in the forelimb, hind-limb or all four limbs

Simple touchscreen for experiment control and data display. Customizable, uploadable protocols (speeds, acceleration, multi-step ramps) for efficiency and repeatability. Includes DCA software for signal monitoring. Records up to 5 mice or rats simultaneously. Removable, stainless-steel easy-clean boxes for confining falling mice. Includes DCA software for monitoring signals.

Grip Strength Meter