While many companies have hit the pause button in 2020, the research and development team at Ugo Basile have not stopped. Adopting the hash tag #YESWEWORK! to represent their team spirit, Ugo Basile’s latest 3 releases provide pain/inflammation researchers with new options for increased efficiencies:

• Plantar Test for thermal stimulation (Hargreaves Apparatus)
• Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer (DPA) for mechanical stimulation
• Tail-Flick Unit, thermal stimulation of the tail

Earlier this year, Ugo Basile also introduced the advanced Incapacitance Tester to its classic, innovative range. The affordable device adds speed and accuracy to weight distribution measurements in injured rodents.


Plantar Test for thermal stimulation (Hargreaves Apparatus)

The glass bottomed device measures the speed of a freely moving mouse/rat plantar hindlimb response to a user-defined infrared heat stimulus. The new model is simpler and better with new options and touch screen controls: 

  • Automatic or manual scoring of the paw withdrawal latency time and energy. The manual option is useful when the animal motory response is unusual or difficult to score
  • Touch screen for complete management of settings, testing, result views and downloads.

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Ugo Basile Plantar Test

Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer (DPA) for mechanical stimulation

Also known as the Electronic Von Frey, this device automates the force delivery and assessment of allodynia and “touch sensitivity” on the plantar surface of up to 12 mice or 6 rats. The new model features:

  • Maximum Force up to 100g (formerly 50g) with optional manual scoring
  • Adjustable parameters for touch force and duration to control the stimulus eg softer or more abrupt
  • TTL I/O for trigger input and output and embedded hard disk so that the USB key is dedicated to data export/import.

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Dynamic_Plantar Aesthesiometer

Tail-Flick Unit, thermal stimulation of the tail, according to D’Amour & Smith method

Accurately measures the nociceptive threshold to thermal stimuli using an adjustable infrared heat stimulus on the rat or mouse tail. Included software records latency time & Intensity.

  •  Fully controlled using bright touch screen
  • Automatic tail flick detection, scored automatically for manually. Also supplied with pedal switch for foot control

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Tail flick unit

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